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As usual, it tooks me weeks to select pictures, but when it’s about NY, I can’t help testing 36 combinations of light and contrasts on each photo because it’s sooooo good! Then I have to re select and choose pictures between different effects, but well, I finally managed with it and here is a selection of this small trip to New York.

This year, the travel was EPIC, between a missed flight and a passport problem, so much that I have to tell you the story, which I will do soon in a different way than usual. Also because I think that I will remember it for a while!
I also had the chance to try Blacklane services that are perfect for traveling! The fact of entering the flight number when you book a fare is useful as you don’t have to worry if your flight is delayed: the driver already knew it.
Good to know: they are available almost everywhere, from Europe to USA, and the first awaiting hour in the airport is offered !

I’m also feeling so lucky that my sister lives in Big Apple for 30 years (no, we are not that young in our family), but she’s moving this month to Miami. So if we try to meet and celebrate together with my second sister (who lives in Calgary, Canada) as many times as we can, this year was the last Christmas together in New York.

So, I had the chance to travel to the city sometimes, and make some places familiar, even if I think that an entire life is not enough to explore the whole city, and there is still something like 1 million stuffs that I would like to do and see. One sure thing: the moment you put down your luggage home, you want to go back.
But even if I never had to pay an hotel, I’m still not millionaire, and lots of things are expensive, without taking into account the flight price. But don’t worry, it’s absolutely possible to enjoy it, without loosing a kidney.
This post is the first part, the second one will arrive Wednesday.

For the record, I have included some of the most common places that needs to be done or visited, especially if you go for the first time. Because even if the touristic places are lame, going to NY without passing true Times Square is like visiting Paris without the Eiffel Tower.

NY-Manhattan-1 NY-Manhattan-2

I wanted to create and draw a nice map with many little sports and stuffs (like the one I made about Brittany, “la Côte d’Amour“), but once again, I didn’t had the time, and you’ll discover this post in 6 months. So, awaiting a nicer one, you’ll have to manage with this ugly map. (And like that I have a perfect excuse to go back).
The red spots will help you situate the different places.

So, yes, ok, it tooks me almost 6 months to create a new map but here it is! Follow the numbered pins and you’ll retrieve the spots listed below.



Major places (and touristic):

1 – Grand Central: people everywhere, but watch the ceiling constellations
2 – Time Square: Cliche, ok, but seriously, needs to be done.
3 – Moma & 4 – Guggeinheim museum: Because you can’t avoid those places, for your culture and because you’ll be able to say: I did it!
5 – Central Park: perfect during summer
7 – High Line – Chelsea The old railroad redesigned in greenway garden, beautiful during spring

NY-Manhattan-3 NY-Manhattan-4 NY-Manhattan-5


Soho, Greenwich village, Fifth avenue, Madison Avenue… you have many choices
6 – Fifth Avenue & Madison Square –  the most famous avenue for shops and international brands. Very touristic.
East Village – nice for smaller shops

8 – Chelsea Market (Manhattan): Little market with lots of nice shops like Artists and Flea’s for indies designers and artists creations.

9 – B&HPhotography temple
420 9th Ave, NY 10001

10 – ABC Carpet & Home home and interior temple, but classical
888 Broadway, NY 10003

11 – Fabulous Fanny’s – Vintage, vintage, vintage and a little bit of vintage
335 E 9th Street, NY 10003

12 – Nalata Nalata East Village – For nice home and decor furnitures
2 Extra Place, NY 10003

13 – Still House  East Village – nice and beautiful things made by local and worldwide designers
117 East 7th Street, NY 10009

NY-Manhattan-7 NY-Manhattan-8 NY-Manhattan-9 NY-Manhattan-10 NY-Manhattan-11 NY-Manhattan-13 NY-Manhattan-14 NY-Manhattan-15



Believe me or not, but I’ve never eaten a burger in NY. Forget this fat image that you have about USA, because you are going to enjoy a lot of delicious food!

Salad bars. If during winter, brunch and soups enjoyed inside are better, during the sunny days, try to spot the squares. If you are lucky, you will find many salad bars around. They are like buffet or food market on which salad components are provided for customers to assemble their own salad bowls, mostly sold by weight.
Than sit down in a square, enjoy the sun, and nourish birds with remains.
I didn’t retained names, but try those one:  Just Salad.

Mexican: El Tacos Poblano A bit far, I agree, but the one I prefer!
122 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701

14 – Mexican: Tacombi – Nolita
267 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012

15 – Bagels: Black Seed – Nolita
170 Elizabeth Street, NY 10012

16 – US food: Joseph Leonard – West village
170 Waverly Place,  NY 10014

17 – Ukrainian: Veselka – East village
144 Second Avenue, NY  10003

18 – Thai: Chai Midtown West
930 8th Avenue @ 55th Street, NY 10019

19 – Sushi’s: Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya
187 Orchard Street,  NY 10002

Bars with vue:

20 – Hotel Indigo / Lower East Side – fifth floor
Lower East Side 171 Ludlow Street, NY 10002

21 – The Top of the Standard & Le Bain / Meatpacking District 
848 Washington Street,  NY 10014


NY-Manhattan-16 NY-Manhattan-17

The second part arrives on Wednesday, with a bit more of Manhattan and Brooklyn inside. Hoping that you liked this first part.




26 thoughts

  1. (made in)Faro

    Je dois aller à NY depuis des années et finalement, je dépense ce que j’ai économisé dans des petits weekends en Europe car je ne suis pas assez patiente ;)
    Va falloir que je m’apprenne à l’être car plus je vois d’articles sur cette ville, plus j’ai envie d’y aller !
    Tes photos sont canons, j’adore l’atmosphère qui s’en dégage. On dirait que certaines ont été prises avec un appareil argentique, c’est le cas ?



    1. Malak

      haha, moi c’est pareil mais avec un appareil photo que je voudrais m’offrir depuis 2 ans :D
      Mais oui, si tu as l’occasion d’y aller, fonce !
      Et merci ! Mais non, toutes les photos ont été prises avec mon vieux 5D première génération (quand je dis que je dois changer d’appareil !). L’effet argentique c’est dû aux retouches :)

  2. Mademoisellevi

    Ah la la tes photos me rappellent mon voyage de novembre
    J’adore tellement cette ville et je rêve encore d’y aller pour la 5ème fois
    Bizarre ce sentiment qui fait que je ne m’en lasse pas
    Et que j’ai toujours d’autres envie à assouvir dans cette ville
    Merci pour ces beaux souvenirs <3

    1. Malak

      Merci ! Mais attends, il n y a pas de salad bars à Paris ?! Je pensais que c’était un concept qui avait été exporté depuis longtemps ! Je dis ça je dis rien mais il y a une idée à prendre là !

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  4. Agathe

    Trop trop bien ! Bravo pour ce post qui tombe à pic. Je n’ai pas encore mes billets mais nous aimerions partir en Mai :) Et je vais noter tous tes conseils et tes bons plans. Merci merci !!! A très vite Agathe

    1. Malak

      Oh mais merci ma belle, et avec plaisir ! D’ici mai je ferais une plus jolie carte d’ailleurs, héhé. Hésites pas à me demander si tu as des questions ;)
      Gros bisoux et bonne préparation de voyage alors, j’ai hâte de voir tes photos à toi :)

  5. agathe

    Hello !
    je viens de découvrir ton blog via Pinterest :)
    Merci pour toutes ces bonnes adresses ! Je retourne à New York en décembre, du coup je me suis faite une petite note avec tout ça, top ! :)

  6. Tina Duran

    Bonjour! Beautiful and detailed thoughts! I love the way you write and capture photos! I especially love your illustrated New York map!
    I’m very excited to be following up on your blog, My husband and I will be going back to the Big Apple for our second time this coming New Year! Thank you for your helpful tips and inspiration!
    sincerely, Tina from California


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