Pop & Soda is my playground, a “bric a brac” for creative treasures, and bubbly’s inspirations and ideas. I share about DIY and food, as well as decor and design, awesome discoveries like nice spots and crushes. This is where I like to speak freely! 

Pop & Soda comes from “Soda Pop” lemonade of course and the pop culture of the 80’s. Maybe Coppola has something to do with it, who knows?
I love the offbeat culture, beautiful lights, pop colors and vintage stuffs. I am also strongly attracted by pink color, scandinavian design, and retro stuffs. Nobody’s perfect!

– FAQ –

I use an old friendly Canon 5D, a 24/70 and a 50mm Canon lens. The camera is old, but I’m still really happy with it!
I don’t use any filter, and basically, I never do any adjustments on my pictures, except the light & contrast. Especially because I’m lazy.
I’m a freelance art director, graphic and web designer, UI & UX engineer, and yes, I wear many hats. My actual job takes me about 12 hours per day, so I write only during the week-ends and days off. And because I prefer quality to quantity, this explain why I do not write so much.
I’d love to, but unfortunately, as explained, my actual job doesn’t offer me the time for any extra activities, like blog design. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll find many beautiful premium templates on the web.
First of all, thanks for asking me! All the pictures and content on this website are copyrighted and protected. You can use one picture (but only one), if, and only if you mention credits (name and url of the blog) clearly underneath the picture. However, do not reproduce any of the content or post without permission, even if you mention the source! For any other inquiries, please contact me to talk about it.
Like many other bloggers, I receive a lot of requests about collaborations and sponsored posts. If I accept sometimes, I clearly indicate it. I keep all the control of what I publish, and like to have Carte Blanche. Also, to clarify, I prefer to limit those type of posts and I speak about a product only if I like it, and obviously, if the product is in the same vain of the blog. About the link exchanges, I’m sorry, but I do link only blogs and websites I love. For any other information, do not hesitate to contact me!