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Following New York’s visit: You’ll find a list of things to do, this time in Brooklyn (with still pictures of Manhattan & Brooklyn). A melting pot of walks and places a bit less prevalent (everything’s relative !). Especially for Brooklyn: if originally the place was more “underground”, Brooklyn became more and more famous, which means as busy as Manhattan those days.

I didn’t had the time yet to explore everything, so I’ll concentrate some spots around Williamsburg & Greenpoint, which are supposed to be the most “arty” and famous places. If at some point some places looks “roots”, it’s also the thing that I like in this part of New York, with all the old buildings and cosmopolitans people. A good way also to move away from Manhattan hustle & bustle.

By way of conclusion, I’ll retain this: New York is definitely the city which never sleeps, and if you tend to believe that the trip will be exhausting, just let yourself drift away by the city flow and you’ll notice that it’s in fact the complete opposite: you’ll feel boosted and full of this “everything is possible” energy.

It’s no coincidence if I always want to go back… and the most exhausting is the jetlag, after all.
Besides, a resolution that I took, and not only for 2016: save money and travel more!




22 – Brooklyn Grange: A vegetable garden on Brooklyn roof, perfect during spring and summer
23 – Brooklyn Bridge: The no way around bridge
24 – Brooklyn Bridge Park: a waterfront park along the East River



NY-trip-02 NY-trip-03 NY-trip-04


25 – In God We Trust – Beautiful pieces of hipsters fashion style. 
70 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11222

26 – 10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas: A bit more of vintage, from floor to ceiling, an enormous shop where you can find goodies from the 40’s to the 80’s.
285 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11211

27 – Flea Market: – Brooklyn – Huge market, the vintage and hipsters “rendez-vous”.
50 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

NY-trip-08 NY-trip-10 NY-trip-11 NY-trip-12 NY-trip-13 NY-trip-14 NY-trip-15 NY-trip-16 NY-trip-17


28- Café Colette – Williamsburg : A unique indoor garden where you’ll enjoy delicious brunchs and rustic food or just a coffee.

29 – Glace: Old Fellows – Williamsburg (also east village) for ice cream lovers !
175 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249

30 – Café: Devocion – Roastery / Cafe – Williamsburg ( anti starbucks team !)
69 Grand St. (at Wythe) Brooklyn, NY 11249

31 – US food: Rye – Williamsbug
247 S. 1st Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

32 – Burgers: Shake Shack – Brooklyn
1 Old Fulton Street (Corner of Water Street) Brooklyn, NY 11201

NY-trip-18 NY-trip-19 NY-trip-20 NY-trip-21 NY-trip-22 NY-trip-23

I hope you enjoyed this little citytrip!
Also, again, thanks to Blacklane for the perfect service.

And finally, I’m finishing preparing my traveling adventures in a way that I hope you’ll appreciate for the end of the week.
First part about Manhattan is here.




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