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Battle Food #2 / Guacamole Pizza

By 12 November 2012No Comments

After a first successful Battle food about Burgers, launched by  Sunrise Over Sea, here is the version #2, launched this time by Nanie under the theme of Pizzas!

Battle Food 2 - Pizza au Guacamole

I have to confess, I’ve never cooked a pizza before, so it will be a first! Also, a pizza usually goes with greasy food, and I’m not a huge fan. So, I was in a dilemma: how to prepare a “light”  pizza, while making something different.
Don’t ask how I’ve got this idea, because I have no clue: how about making a Guacamole pizza?

Battle Food 2 - Pizza au Guacamole

Ok, it sounds weird at the first place, but I thought that it would be probably tasty. It reminded me of the time when my sister took me to this tiny Mexican restaurant in New York City for lunch, where I enjoyed the best guacamole chicken in the entire world. Just fresh fresh and spicy enough to die for…
Ok, so this is not the subject, but that it’s probably where my idea of adding chicken to the preparation comes from.

Battle Food 2 - Pizza au Guacamole
Battle Food 2 - Pizza au Guacamole

I didn’t made my own base for this recipe, I’ve used a ready-made pastry. I’ve gathered the guacamole ingredients and added tomatoes and chicken.
And it was so good! Honestly, I’m really happy about the result. The guacamole and avocados cool down the pizza, but it’s still delicious. And this time, you have the good and the healthy! Will do it again!

Battle Food 2 - Pizza au Guacamole

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