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Valentines gifts for HIM

By 2 février 2015No Comments

I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard guys complaining about valentines day, but in the other hand, they like to receive some little attentions. So, ok, Valentines Day is actually soppy, commercial and depressing if you are single. But the fact remains that you can also spoil your friends, single or not, your brother and/or father, and fulfill people that you love.

Personally, I do not celebrate but I know that a little attention can always be pleased.

Because we are near from Valentines day, I’ve found some little treasures that your boyfriend should like, as he’s a geek, an hipster dude or metal fan.
And of course, some gifts just for ourselves, because it sometimes so good to be a little bit selfish!



1. The cufflinks made with Lego / 7€
2. The xBox soap / 15€
3. The Pacman ukulele / 545€ / ok, it’s expensive, but how terrible!
4. The Batman necktie / 14€ /


1. The new Napalm Death t-shirt / 16$
2. The ceramic skull planter / 40€
3. The skull shaving brush / 120€
4. The beard balm  / 23€



1. The iPhone docking station / 109€ / that you can also steal for yourself, just saying…
2. This tweed neckwarmer /44€
3. The wooden watch / 59€
4. The felted bag / 76€



1. This leather wallet / 50€ / Wild wild West style, love it!
2. The smartphone case in real wood / 28€ / A must have, not only for men
3. The silver and black bowtie and suspenders / 22€ / Well ok, the bowtie is for you, to wear with a smoking!
4. This mini wood radio / 227€



And last but no least, the small cards that will make him smile, even if he don’t like his gifts!

1. Card “I still love you” / 4€
2. Card “I’m so glad…” / 3€
3. Card “I love our Boring life” / 4€
4. Card “Stay weird…” / 4€

And you, do you celebrate Valentine?

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