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By 3 octobre 2012No Comments

Back to work, and I’m fed up with the rain, so I feel like spending money (girls therapy, I know.) As a real cute stuffs fanatic, I definitely had a crush for this foxy cushion I’ve found on Etsy. (What, for kids? Absoluuuutely not!) Be patient, because the delay took 3 months, but it’s a real pleasure when the cushion finally arrives in your mailbox! My girly side is fulfilled with this silver diamond pendant. For the black diamond on the picture, unfortunately I didn’t succeed to find it. If you add the Sabrina handbag and the pompom necklace, I’m definitely bright and bubbly. For the geek side, I’ve found this little Printer used for smartphones. Allows you to print on small tickets like pieces of paper recipes, press releases or instagram pics. Absolutely need! And last but no least, for home, I already see this small wood shelf in my entrance and all the Caroline Gomez collection in my entrance! About the enamel mug, after searching for it in many second hand trades without any success, I’ve finally opted for a new one on the internet.

#1 / The diamond pendant Amalia Vermell / 75€
#2 / The Pompom necklace / 6,5€
#3 / The Sabrina Kate Patchwork handbag/ 66€
#4 / The sooooo cute foxy cushion that I couldn’t wait to buy on Etsy / 30€
#5 / The Little printer from Berg Cloud which is completely useless, but that I absolutely want on my desk right now. / Pre-order starting £199 (argh)
#6 / The complete Caroline Gomez collection, maybe I should start with the cloud snacker board / 24€
#7/ The retro enamel mug, for the home mades hot chocolates and the cold winters / 12$ / or printed on Urban Outfitters / 12€
#8 / This wood shelf, found on Etsy / 32€

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