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Sweet chocolate soufflé

By 29 October 2012No Comments

Are you up for a bit of sweetness ? As a chocolate lover, you won’t refuse a gooey soufflé, almost as soft as a chocolate mousse. For dessert or just for pleasure (or both) and fulfill your needs of calories!

This simple and fast prepared soufflé is just heavenly, if only you can use a high quality chocolate. The only things what remains difficult is   to whip the egg whites until they becomes stiff and to fold them gently in the chocolate. Apart from this, a decent oven and that’s it!
But remember: do never ever open your oven door during the cooking process, otherwise the soufflé will fall.

fondant au chocolatfondant au chocolat
This recipe is originated form the “Les Essentiels de l’Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse” book, that I have just adapted a bit. I’ve also replaced the Maïzena by some flour. (I don’t really like to use Maïzena)

fondant au chocolat
To be enjoyed alone or with someone, under the quilt!
When I have enough time, I prepare a custard and I wait until it’s cold before eating it. The souffle will fall but it’s sooo good!

fondant au chocolat
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