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Some gift ideas for mom

By 4 May 2016April 16th, 2021No Comments

Mother days is almost there! So I picked some little cute things for her, with a touch of blue because it’s here prefered color. Obviously, if you have kids, you should pick some gift for yourself!
I do know my mom tastes, so it’s always easy to find things for her. Also, she’s always the first to steal me stuffs, so I used to purchase duplicated things.
I’m sure she will love this ceramic vase and those baskets. Same for the blue plaid, because she never has enough. And those cute notebooks, because she’s always running with at least 3 notebooks with her 🙂
Did you find something nice for your mom already?

[row][two_column]ps-pichet-petit-florilege[/two_column][two_column]ps-paniers-petit-florilege [/two_column][/row]



ps-ibed-coolgift-2 [row][two_column]ps-torchon[/two_column][two_column]ps-torchon2[/two_column][/row] [row][two_column]ps-carte-mom[/two_column][two_column]ps-carnet-bleu[/two_column][/row] [row][two_column]ps-bougie-mom-1[/two_column][two_column]ps-bougie-mom-2[/two_column][/row] [row][two_column]PS-carnets-alice-in-wonderland[/two_column][two_column]alice-in-wonderland-who-in-the-world-am-i-journal-[/two_column][/row]


[row][two_column]ps-cochon-ceramique[/two_column][two_column]ps-cochon-ceramique2[/two_column][/row] [row][two_column]ps-collier-coeur[/two_column][two_column]ps-collier-coeur2[/two_column][/row]

Ceramic vase & Baskets mint or pink • Le petit florilège / “Moon” necklace FORMA n°2 TWO MOONS necklace • The Heiress Atelier / Blue Plaid • Texturable Decor / Tea towel “Underneath the Stars” • Leah Duncan /  “iBed” tablet tray  • Cool Gift / MOM card with monkeys • Blue notebook with flowers • Clap Clap Design / MOM candle • AROMALAB / Moleskine notebooks Alice in Wonderland • Idee Cadeau / Ceramic piggy pot • Fruit Fly Pie / “Heart” necklace in emboidered wood  • Indmi Ama 

[row][two_column]coussin-chauffant-coeur-5f3[/two_column][two_column]coussin-chauffant-coeur-2de[/two_column][/row] BONUS: This cute cushion that I just find! ^^


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