• 23.06.2015
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In my last article, I was asking what kind of recipes you would like to see here. You gave me a lot of great ideas, thank you! I’ve also noticed that you were eager about ice cream and fresh recipes for summer. Thing that I can understand, regarding those last sunny days. And which is good, because I had this recipe in mind for a while!


Ice cream sandwiches are actually two pieces of iced cookies with ice-cream in between. The taste could reminds the Oreo cookies, but those are better of course. The happiness of an ice cream and a bit of crunch! I can’t resist!


And you know what? I think that I have succeeded to find the ultimate recipe, that I’ve adapted a bit. Here I’ve played with mint / chocolate ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream, and raspberry sorbet… I let you guess which one I prefer.
The recipe comes from the book “The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook“.

Ice cream sandwich cookie
Serves 8
The real ice-cream sandwich, to associate with any ice cream of