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Home decor Wishlist #2

By 16 November 2012No Comments

After a chocolate dessert, a food contest and a battle, I leave out the pans to talk about deco crushes! Because, no, this blog is not ONLY about food.
If you follow me on Pinterest, you will have noticed that decoration is my Achilles’ heel. Between Scandinavian design, contemporary furnitures and vintages finds, I spend my time yelling like “neeeeeeed!!!”, repining decorations pictures and other stuffs that I would be unable to resist, if my bank account was as full as the Rockfeller’s.

So, let’s go for a recap about my Pinterest finds and other November’s inspirations!

First of all, the Tomato-Holland shelves, originate from Holland : evergreen, still in a contemporary style after lore than 50 years!
I have a preferences for the woods models, but you can also find it in white, yellow, red, blue and black.
You don’t want to spend 700€ at the antique dealer? Go on ebay, you’ll find some for less than 100€!

From the kitchen side, I came across this colorful and clean style collection of Iittala Sarjaton ceramics, the Finnish brand. Always in a pure Scandinavian style, I love the pastel colors and the subtle patterns.


For this one I’m like “aaaaaaaaw, I absolutely neeed it, and on top of that it’s PINK”, I’ll introduce you Linette, the coffee table from Tourillon, the french brand just launched by Jean Couvreur for Les élémentaires, and discovered at the Artisan Social Designer.  Keep an eye out for it!


A geometric and original shape for this COS pendant in light metal.

collier cos

At the moment, every time a girlfriend (or my mom), pass the door of my living room, oddly, there is something like a chemical reaction in their head, probably hormonal, which product some “aaaaaw, this sooo cute, where did you find it?”, followed by cuddles and hugs… This is the kind of reaction produced by this plushy, which looks inoffensive at first sight. I fall for it.

foxy plusshie

Must do! 3 cushions models DIY very well explained! Still in a geometric style or with some pompoms.

pillows DIY

And lastly, the sheepskin, a fake or a true one, that I have personally placed at the base of my bed : A pure pleasure every morning, especially during winter times ! Can be found at IKEA.

Ludde ikea#1 /  The Tomado shelf for less than 100€ on Ebay / (instead of 700€ at your antique dealer ) / Or a the similar danish model created by String
#2 /  The Sarjaton collection from Iittala / Between 14 and 40€
#3 / The Linette coffee table from Tourillon des élémantaires / This big November crush
#4 / The pendant Cos / 29€
#5 / The foxy Plushie from Sleepyking on Etsy (already seen here) / 29€
#6 / 3 Cushions DIY on Creature comforts
#7 / The fake sheepskin, TEJN / 15€ / Or the true one, LUDDE / 40€ / at IKEA

Last minute Bonus : the sooo cute bestiary from Sweet Bestiary.

sweet bestiaryStay tuned for a new DIY very soon !

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