• 07.10.2015
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I’m back for a dark mood! This is because of the actual season and some series as well. Two years ago (Gosh, it was a long time ago), I made a photo shoot inspired by Janice Poon and Hannibal for Halloween. This year I would like to make something similar with Salem and witches. I’m in a mood for leaves and old wood, feathers and blackberries… And this time I have made a moodboard. I mean a real one for the cover. And this is something that I should do for every moodboard. To be continued…
salem-1witch-5 witch-6witch-8 witch-7salem-2witch-1 witch-2salem-5witch-3 witch-4

Click on pictures for sources. Cover: moodboard by myself. Photos: Salem, Natalia Drepina, Pinterest, Salem main title, Adventures in cooking, Local Milk, Salem, Pinterest, Kashew Kitchen, Salem, Pauline Darley, The Vanilla Bean, Frank Sinatra !

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