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DIY – How to create nice transfer on wood postcards

By 30 September 2015April 16th, 2021No Comments

I wanted to make this article for a long time, but I was looking for the exact woodcards that I had in mind, and I wanted to make some nice illustrations. Which is hard when you don’t draw often. If you follow me on IG, maybe you have already noticed my squirrels foxies doodles, and a final sketch that I’ve finished last week.

Although, I was planning to present you this DIY last Wednesday, but of course, I made a mistake while printing my illustrations, and had no time to reprint everything… SO, here’s the foxies, at last! Accompanied by a funny ice-cream (see how much I’m in time!) and a kawa├» coffee cup. On this one, I’m less satisifed by the result, this is probably due to the nature of the wood…


Finding the right media was not easy. After searching and digging the Internet, I finally had the Etsy reflex (which I should had have from the beginning, but well). I found a shop called Flexiwood that offers many type of wood business cards, and kindly offered me to cut them in postcard size. Then I’ve choose different type of wood to make some tests. (Maple, Oak, Cherry, Birch and Sapele)

Of course, it turns out that the clearest one are better for a clean result. (Birch & Maple) But it depends of the final result you want to obtain of course.

Then, let’s play with magic! (and medium gel) The idea, you already got it, is to transfer a printed image on a wood media. And I find the fact of retrieving the wood texture playing with an illustration completely awesome!

You just need to remember two things: Your pictures needs to be a laser print (it doesn’t works with inkjet print), and it should be printed in mirror mode. I.e. reverted, to retrieve the image in the correct position when transfered. I know that I insist, but it’s a mistake that I’ve made, and this is really annoying especially when you are using some text ­čÖé
Obviously, you can play with illustrations or Instagram pictures as well! I’m thinking about making some new business cards btw…

├ętapes_01You will need:

  1. A woodcard (found on Etsy shop: Flexiwood)
  2. Your illustration or photography laser printed in mirror mode.
  3. A foam brush
  4. Mate Medium Gel
  5. Mod Podge

├ętapes_021 – Start by putting on a layer of matte gel medium right on top of your picture.
2 – Carefully lay your pictures face-down on top of your wood piece.

├ętapes_032/3 – Once you got your picture in place, use a card to smooth out and flatten any air bubbles underneath your picture. Let it dry for at least 8 hours (or better an entire night)

├ętapes_044/5 -The day after, take a watered sponge and rub off the paper fibers to reveal the picture underneath.

├ętapes_056/7 – It looks lovely already! Let the transfer dry completely, then use the Mod Podge to seal the card. Let it dry again for about 20 minutes.

├ętapes_06Tadaaaa!! The card is finished! Ready to send or to framed!


I hope you like it!


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