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Fresh from the oven, the common book : “Atelier pâtisserie chez les blogueuses”

By 28 April 2015No Comments

End of the years are the perfect occasions to reflect about the past months and review our own achievements. Last year, I noticed that I had contributed to nothing really constructive or exciting.
If 2013 was really crappy with professionals disruptions; 2014 was really quite and if I had to retain something, it was just about work and… work. And if I was not working during the week-ends, I was spending my type chilling in the sofa, with just enough energy to watch series without falling asleep.

My job is a huge chance and I don’t want to complain. But I spend my time in a predominantly male field (I’m surrounded by approximatively 30 devs engineers, and I’m the only woman. You get the picture?), I let you imagine how much I need girly’s and pink stuffs the rest of the time, just to try keeping a healthy mind and a semblance of feminine touch.

Last November, I thought that it was time for me to coddle myself and clean up the blog. Because this tiny space, and sharing with you, is my way to retrieve some femininity. So, I decided to take care of this blog, organize myself and post often.

It’s exactly the moment that Larousse chooses to contact me, and propose me to participate in a common cook book.
Getting over the initial surprise (!!!), the deadline was short : creating 5 recipes for early January.

Fortunately I had planned vacations! Because I had only one small week to work on it, between Christmas holidays and getting back to work.
The bright side of this opportunity, is that I was much faster than expected, and the exercise let me get back into work. But with hindsight, I would have preferred to look into details, refine some recipes and find some other ideas.

So, what this book is about? It’s a bakery common cookbook which contains 50 recipes, presented by 10 bloggers: meaning 5 recipes by blogger.
Atelier pâtisserie chez les blogueuses” is available starting today in bookshops, and online as well. The book is in french only.


I didn’t had the occasion yet to leaf through it. I can’t wait to have it in hands, to open it and go trough the pages! I also promise you a contest very soon!


The pictures above has been created for the book, but I won’t tell you which one you will retrieve in it.

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I hope you’ll like it!

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