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DIY – My little suitcase for vintage picnic

By 12 août 2015No Comments

Given the fact that apparently a lot of people are back to work, it seems that holidays season are almost finished. Mine seems really far, but it encourages me to enjoy the sun we have here during the week-end!

Last month, Cadeaux Folies proposed me to participate to their emag, by creating a DIY for their theme of “birthday party picnic”. The emag will be early september.
Usualy, I don’t really like established themes, but this time, the idea of a vintage picnic suitcase jumped out at me, maybe because I was still on vacation.

DIY - ma petite valise vintage

Then I was lucky enough to find the exact suitcase I had in mind, with its distressed leather, and even more, an old trip sticker that I’ve immortalized on IG before covering it.

I didn’t want to worry about sewing stuffs, so I kept it simple, and the result is still clean!
I used a red polka dot fabric, combined with a cute pattern of red and blue tiny cherries. Then added some details here and there that I had fun playing with.

Once the suitcase ready, all that remained was to call friends and organize a picnic outside! And I think the birthday decoration was a success, if I believe all the kids running toward us while screaming “a birthday partyyyyyyyy!!!!”.

pique-nique retro

pique-nique retro d’anniversaire

pique-nique retro


For this DIY you’ll need:

[row][two_column]- an old suitcase
– the fabric of your choice (mine comes from the collection Sew Be Do)
– some normal ribbon, and rubber band for the dishes
– fabric glue[/two_column][two_column]- Mod Podge
– a foam brush
– a stapler
– a cutter[/two_column][/row]

1 – Start by removing the old fabric inside the suitcase. The cardboard inside was still looking good, so I choose to keep it.
2 – Flatter the fabric inside the suitcase in order to broadly take the measurement


3 – Trim the excess with a margin of approximately 3/4cm.
4 – Add fabric glue inside the suitcase and around the corners.

5 – Stick the fabric inside and flatter it to prevent folds.
6, 7 – In the corners, fold up the fabric in order to create a triangle (see the picture), then fold again on corner.

8 – Use a peg to hold it.

9 – Stick the fabric to borders
10 – Wait until it’s completely dry before cutting it using a cutter. Use a good cutter and take your time otherwise the fabric will fray.

11 – Using your rubber band, measure the edge of your bottle (or glas, plate…) by stretching it to make sure that it will holds.
12 – Cut the rubber band according to your measurement, and stample it to the suitcase.

13 – Put some glue on the edges
14 – And stick your ribbon: looks better!

15 – Now it’s time to work on the outside! Using a chalk, draw the suitcase template on the back of your fabric by putting it on your suitcase.
16 – Cut the template keeping a margin of approximately 2 / 3 cm.

17, 18 – Using your foam brush, slather the suitcase with Mod Podge, and do the smae on the back of your fabric.

19 – Place your fabric on the suitcase, taking care to keep a margin around and to flatter it, to avoid formation of air bubbles. Slather again with the Mod Podge and keep it dry for around 20 min.
20 – Cut the edges carefully… You’re done!


I also added fabric on the edges, and a ribbon made of wool balls, that adds a “gipsy vintag” look. And because I felt that something was missing, I added some leather strips on the back, reclaimed from an old belt. Just have fun playing with textures and colors!

DIY - ma petite valise vintage

I hope you liked this tutorial! It’s a bit long, but really, easy to recreate, just do it! I know I’m always saying that, but really, without any stichery, it’s easier!
And a big thanks to my friends, can’t wait to soon make it again!

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