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DIY – make a green necklace

By 6 mai 2015No Comments

This time, the green theme continues with a natural DIY, that you can create with a baby succulent.
Did you know that some plants were able to grow in a sealed environment, and fulfill their needs with their own ecosystem? This man tried the experience. It’s possible if the plant is exposed to light, and I find this absolutely magic!

I had the idea of making something similar, but by using a small globe as pendant. I like the idea of wearing a bit of nature.
Mine is not sealed, I have chosen to let it open, I don’t think my plant will survive in a small environment like that. However, sometimes you could be surprised how those tiny things are robust. I’ll see how this little thing will grows!


For this DIY you’ll need:

– A small globe (like this one or this one)
– and its small accessory to close it. (like here or there)
– a chain
– a bit of soil
– some moss
– a baby plant with roots
– special glue for jewels


The steps are really simple!
Mix the moss and soil together, fill the globe with this combination, add the small plant in the middle, than close the globe with the glue. Add some drops of water (and of course, do not forget to water your pendant sometimes!).


In the same vein, I’ve made the version below, with a small copper pipe. This idea comes from Vivere a piedi nudi, via Urban Jungle Bloggers!


I’m also wearing it empty, without the small plants. It’s crazy how a little copper pipe can look pretty as pendant! People never believe me when I told them that it’s just a plumber tool 🙂

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