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DIY – Custom your headphones like the “Taylor RoseGold”

By 24 avril 2015No Comments

I made this DIY a while ago, and I don’t know why I didn’t posted it earlier, if is not the fact that I wouldn’t post a DIY after the other. I think it’s just a subconscious excuse for not showing my face. I’m really uncomfortable with this fact!

So, I don’t know if you already spotted those Taylor RoseGold headphones, but first time I discovered them, I had a real crush! Which is uncommon, because I’m not an amateur of glitter, but those headphones! Those precious!


But well, the price put a damper in my enthusiasm… Of course, the price is equivalent to headphones quality, but my wallet didn’t agreed with me.
So, like always, I’ve made a DIY, before becoming a millionaire!

You will need:

– White headphones (those are from HEMA)
– Spray painting (mine is copper color)
– Some masking tape
– Optional: In purpose to give this curved aspect, I’ve used wall protections that has exactly the right diameter!)
– Some glue

Step 1 :
Stick the protections to the headphones.

Step 2 :
Well protect all the headphones parts that you don’t want to paint with the masking tape, and do not forget the cable.

Step 3 :
After protecting everything around you, paints the headphones a first time.
Repeat the operation after 24 hours when it’s completely dry.
Let it again dry completely, and add a coat of varnish to keep the work intact.

And voilà! You’ll not enjoy a great quality of sound, but you’ll have headphones almost as cool as the desired beauties!


Next step: Pimp my earphones like the Ella B Rosegold!

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