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Mini chocolate layer cake

By 16 February 2015No Comments
At first, this post was written for Valentine’s day. Obviously, and given to my legendary sense of organization, I was not ready for the D day. Luckily, I wasn’t planning to add red hearts everywhere, I can act as if nothing happened.

Actually, and to be honest, I was eager to capture those cherry blossom branches that decorates my kitchen, and that I love to admire and smell every day. As it’s not springtime yet, it made me feel guilty to buy it, and I was really wondering if they will blossom. But well, I’m weak, I couldn’t resist!


And I don’t regret my choice! Those branches are delightful, and add a flavor of spring to those fifty shade of – dark – grey days.
So yes, I confess, this tiny cake is a sort of big excuse to capture this cherry blossom moment, but let’s say that you didn’t noticed.
To get back to our cake, like showed on the picture, you can cut it up in small  portions. It makes your cake even more looking cute with its two layers, without any extra effort. For that, you just need to pour the chocolate blending in a plate big enough to make a thinner cake Genoise, to separate the layers with a cookie cutter, and that’s it! Easy peasy!


The other great thing is that the Mascarpone frost is really easy and quick to prepare as well. And it’s typically the kind of dessert that you can bake at the last minute. Trust me, people will love it!

Like most of my favorite chocolate desserts, I like to add some juicy red fruits as a topping, but obviously, you can play with a chocolate ganache or your preferred icing.

_MG_4828 _MG_4776 _MG_4845  _MG_4829 I can’t wait for spring!
(And the wallpaper comes from Graham & Brown)

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