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Lost in Heathrow

By 16 April 2021No Comments


So basically, I would have spent over 4 hours stuck at Heathrow between flights, for what ended up being a pretty epic experience.
I feel like the story is a bit messy and I’m not sure that it’ all really clear, but I particularly wanted to thank the staff of the London airport (especially the terminal 3 and the American Airlines counter) and its customer service who were endlessly kind and who didn’t let me down at all.

I must insist on the fact that the first agent waited for me for at least 20/30 minutes at the American Airlines counter (we understand why we wait so long in the queue), and the second one who helped me, moved heaven and earth to get me on a plane. I left in a euphoric state! I am nothing but love and hope for the human race. THANK YOU!

So I don’t know if it’s part of the British tradition, or if I’m really lucky, but I have the feeling that a similar experience in Belgium (or in France) would have been much less fun. Long live the UK!
And of course, I would also like to thank our dear Belgian administration, this huge joke that doesn’t make anyone laugh anymore and without which none of this would have been possible!

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