• 25.05.2015
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My Pinterest is full of green, jungle, patterns and plants. It was impossible to make a simple green selection, there was too much choices. So, to end up with this green series, here is a cactus moodboard! Yes I know, it seems a bit backward to end up with a moodboard, but you know how I am… And I’ll find out an other occasion to give a little bit more of green flavor, for an other series soon maybe?

mood-cactus_31 mood-cactus_33mood-cactus_27 mood-cactus_25
mood-cactus_63 mood-cactus_61
mood-cactus_13 mood-cactus_15
mood-cactus_51 mood-cactus_49
mood-cactus_43 mood-cactus_45
mood-cactus_03 mood-cactus_01
mood-cactus_37 mood-cactus_39
mood-cactus_19 mood-cactus_21
mood-cactus_55 mood-cactus_57
mood-cactus_69 mood-cactus_67
mood-cactus_09 mood-cactus_07

Pictures sources : Pinterest
Cover pic: Ana, Mum Diary

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