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DIY – Little embroidered patches.

By 18 July 2016April 16th, 2021No Comments

Unless you live in a cavern, I guess you heard about the revival of embroidered patches, and these typical 90’s patterns, like watermelon, sunglasses and pizza!
I have the feeling that it’s a kind of new “Hipanema” trend of 2016’s summer. And of course, it reminds me a lot of souvenirs.
And when I saw the new Kit Make It boxes by la petite epicerie that offer all the things you need to make them yourself, I jumped into it.
Then I had the idea of recreating some well known symbols, like snapchat and instagram icons. As well as the Ziggy Stardust thunderbolt and the “poop” icon, obviously! The templates are available at the end of the article!


You’ll need:

Il vous faut:
– Du fil à broder de couleur
– Une aiguille à broder
Un petit tambour
– Du tissu
– De la mousse en caoutchouc pour fixer
Un support de broche
– Ou du tissu thermocollant pour des patchs
– Le modèle de votre choix (à télécharger en fin d’article)
– ou le kit make it de la petite épicerie qui comprends tout le matériel nécessaire.


[row][two_column]DIY-patchs-02[/two_column][two_column]DIY-patchs-03[/two_column][/row] – Reproduce the pattern on the fabric using a pen
– Fix the fabric to the hoop and start embroidering the wider parts following this or this.

– Continue with the different color zones, always using the same embroidery stitches

[row][two_column]DIY-patchs-06[/two_column][two_column]DIY-patchs-07[/two_column][/row] – When you are happy with the result, cut the pattern next to the threat carefully.
– Cut a piece of rubber foam in the same size of your pattern and fix it to your patch.

  • Finish by fixing the spindle support and voi-là !


Frankly, this DIY is really easy, and you don’t need to be a sewing expert to succees, just a little bit of patience and Game of Thrones 🙂
You’ll find all the templates ready to download and print below. Enjoy!









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