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DIY – How to create a pegboard

By 8 avril 2015No Comments

As promised, here is at last a post DIY on how to create a pegboard, incredibly customizable and handy!
I like the idea of being able to move the shelves and the pegs accordingly to your imagination and needs.
I’ve already talked about my bathroom and its chalkboard wall. This time, I wanted a shelves system to hang on my wall, next to my washbasin, which may also serves as a towel rod, and where I could put my beauty products and other stuffs. Something both useful and nice!


I had already spotted some pegboards, including this one, but most of the time they were overpriced, and problem is that my wall surface is really narrow so I was looking for  somehow tailor-made. The purpose of making it yourself is that it’s completely customizable and you can add some cork sheets to pin some pictures and tiny stuffs on it.

I‘ve got my drill back out and took my courage in both hands. And you know what? It was done in an afternoon! Drills are always a bit scary but believe me, it’s really easy to make!


For this DIY you’ll need:
– A simple wood plank
(pre-cut purchased, with a size of 80 x 30cm, exactly the measurements I needed)
– A wood plank long enough to cut the shelves that you’ll need.
(Approximately with a size of 1m50, 3cm trick, ask for a cut if you don’t have any jig-saw)
– A cork sheet.
– Some wood dowels pins
(diameter of 8mm)
– A drill and his wood drill bit corresponding to the dowels diameter
– Some center points for dowels
– Two screws and wall plugs
– Two screw covers to make it prettier
– Some glue
– A jigsaw if you are going to cut the shelves yourself
– Some hooks
(That I’ve finally didn’t used)


I’ve started by making a quick rough for calculating the distance between the holes to be drilled. Then I’ve calculated the right measurements for the shelves cut, knowing that I already had an idea on how I was going to arrange them.


Using a pen and a setsquare I’ve marked the holes to be drilled.


I’ve added some masking tape on my drill to define the depth, but this is optional. (After 5min, as patience and me are not really friends, I did it half-assed.)


Unfortunately, in the thick of fight, I forgot to take pictures of this step. When you finished drilling holes, and you’ve cut out the shelves in the dimensions you want, then fix your shelves and drill the holes on their edge, accordingly to the marks you’ve made with the center points. Slip the dowels and place the shelves!



Cut the cork sheet in the dimensions you want (I’ve added some nice masking tape), and stick it on a shelf edge or somewhere else on the pegboard, to pin some stuff on it like old Polaroid’s, brooches or badges!


And voilà! Now all you have to do is to drill the wall and screw the pegboard. Do not forget to hide the screws with the small screws covers.
Of course the pegboard can be painted, but I like it in raw wood.
And instead of using the hooks, the dowels serve perfectly as towel or jewels holder!


The illustrations come from the lovely Izumi who makes beautiful things (check her work!).
The pinup and bunny brooches, and the flower badge are made by my friends Peggy V. and Petit Pois d’Ici.

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