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This year, I would like to create a lot of fun stuffs for Christmas. With my friend Poulette Magique we decided to cross our worlds made of pink and sparkles and to make something fun for Christmas toegther :)
This week, because of the last events in Paris and Belgium, it was really not easy to enter into the Chrismtas spirit, but we worked hard and we will present you some nice pinky articles very soon.

You’ll tell me that posting about a DIY that I already presented a few weeks ago is not really a good start, and you’ll be right, but! This time, I’m sharing an holidays illustration that I’ve made just for you, to let you reproduce it and create your own greeting card! You’ll find the link to download it at the end of this post.

DIY-carte-de-voeux-en-bois-2The second surprise is that you’ll retrieve the previous Foxies and little coffee cup illustrations printed on postcards in a little shop that I’ve just launched!
Y’oull also retrieve the deer printed on greeting cards, and some wooden postcards will arrive soon!
And if you like the idea, I’ll present you the little shop in details in a few days. I hope you’ll like it!

Let’s talk about the DIY! You’ll find the steps below, and the illustration is available in different versions. Initially the deer is white. but this being not a great choice for a print on wood, I made the same version with a different color. You are free to choose the one you prefer. And you’ll find also a version without title. To create this DIY, all you have to do is to print the image using laser printer.


You’ll need :

  • A woodcard. This one comes from one of my favorite shop: la Petite Epicerie
    Cette fois-ci, la Petite Epicerie (qui est un peu beaucoup devenue ma boutique / Mercerie favorite), a eu la gentillesse de m’en envoyer de parfaites, qui sont plus épaisses et donc plus solides ! Je ne sais pas si elles seront proposées à la vente mais si c’est le cas je vous le ferait savoir.
  • The illustration laser printed in mirror mode.
  • A foam brush
  • Mate Medium Gel
  • Mod Podge

étapes_031 – Start by putting on a layer of matte gel medium right on top of your picture.
2 – Carefully lay your pictures face-down on top of your wood piece.étapes_05

3 – Once you got your picture in place, use a card to smooth out and flatten any air bubbles underneath your picture. Let it dry for at least 8 hours (or better an entire night)
4 -The day after, take a watered sponge and rub off the paper fibers to reveal the picture underneath.

étapes_076/7 – It looks lovely already! Let the transfer dry completely, then use the Mod Podge to seal the card. Let it dry again for about 20 minutes.

étapes_09Tadaaaa!! The card is ready!

DIY-carte-de-voeux-en-bois-4To download: right clic, Save link as…

down-2down-1 Stay connected for some other cool christmas stuffs!

14 thoughts

    1. Malak

      Merci ! J’ai pas d’imprimante laser non plus ! Tu imprimes sur ton imprimante et tu en fais une photocopie couleur, ou bien tu met le fichier sur une clée USB et tu imprimes dans un centre de photocopie :)

  1. Cathy / My Name Is Georges

    Ohlala c’est juste adorable, j’adore le principe d’imprimer soi-même les cartes de voeux sur un support en bois! Si j’arrive à en dénicher avant Noël je tenterais le coup, ou au moins juste pour moi, parce que je trouve le rendu merveilleux!!
    Des bisous

  2. Ouaw

    Quelle idée originale, le support bois. Et votre illustration est jolie et élégante. L’ensemble forme une carte de vœux qui sort de l’ordinaire et qui devrait surprendre ses destinataires ! Bravo !

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  4. Coralie

    J’avais gardé ton idée sous le coude et je suis entrain de faire des cartes de voeux. Petite question, je n’ai pas de vernis colle Mod Podge mais j’ai du vernis Decopatch, tu penses que ça pourrait faire l’affaire ? Merci et belle St Sylvestre ♥


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