• 10.02.2016
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Have you seen this adorable trend? The one called Chunky Knit. It’s not THAT new, as I already have seen many weaving’s looking like little clouds. But I literally felt in love for those huge pieces of wool.

I’m in love with those cushions or blankets, where I would like to roll especially those cold and rainy days. And I don’t even talk about scarves or fashion creations that are CRAZY

Of course it’s not cheap, but do not forget that apart the workforce your pay for wool as well. You can also try to do it yourself with big kneedles! I’m personally really tempted! If you are looking for material, check the end of this post!


Source – Urban Outfitters –  Jeannie Helzer


Source: Claire Anne o Brien



Source: Dadaa ShopDadaa


Sources: lebenslutiger

LebenslustigerSitzpads1 (2)


tumblr_mbcgye4ktd1qjiz8bo1_1280Source: 1 – roll the drums / 2 – The grommet

Source first pic : DIY lebenslutiger

Where to buy : Knitting Noodles (EU) / Little Dandelion (US) / ETSY:  lily and pea body

So? Tempted?

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    1. Malak

      ah, le mien de cher et tendre déteste :D Cf la grimace à la lecture du post. C’est con parce que je suis à deux doigts de m’offrir une couverture aussi, à défaut de la tricoter. Il aimera vachement plus quand il aura froid, c’est sûr et certain ^^


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