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You’ll probably notice that since the beginning of this year, I haven’t really been around… March and its upheaval didn’t helped. And lately, the Brussels chaos either. But hey! Spring is almost here! And it gives me enough energy to pay tribute to some magical places that still let the heart of Brussels beat.

Bonnie & Jane is one of those places you love to find that is one of a kind. The shop exists since 5 years now (!!) and this reminds me Laurie talking about this project with sparkles in the eyes. Laurie and Anne met at work, when they were working for a famous fashion retailer, fifteen years ago.
They quickly decides to associate their world around the same idea: creating a cozy place with inspiring things where people would feel like home. The first drafts are born on the corner of used Brussels bar and 1 year later the dreams came true! You’ll love to walk around in this timeless world between boho and industrial style with here and there some touches of copper and glitter, surrounded by vintage furniture’s that you can buy as well! And of course, some Gainsbourg references, that you’ll appreciate if you are a fan.
Beside, why the name “Bonnie and Jane” ?
“We wanted a place that’s looks like us. We are both fans of Gainsbourg that we listened a lot during the project preparations. So why not Bonnie (& Clyde) and Jane (Birkin)! The first one for its bad girl side and the second one for its opposite side, more sentimental… Don’t we all have a Bonnie and a Jane side?   And it reflected quite well the shop world”  

Do not hesitate to cross the door, you’ll find some creators treasuries for all around the world like Paris, Sweden or San Francisco. Me, of course, I had a crush on the “Cow Girl” like boots and the refined jewels that takes places next to glitter tunics and other little furniture’s.





bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-5 bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-8 bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-4





bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-11 bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-13bonnie-and-jane-bruxelles-brussels-17

You’ll find some brands that they are working with from scratch:  Mes Demoiselles Paris (Clothes), Louise Hendricks (Jewels / France) and Matières à Réflexion (purses)…. new in in fashion, Rabens Saloner (Sweden), Masscob (Spain) Momoni (Italy) and Polder (France), Jewels new in : Soko ( San Francisco / handmade in Kenya), and interiors furnitures: Doing goods (Holland) 


Bonnie & Jane
Apartment like shop
Darwin St., 34
1050 Brussels
+32(2)265 24 94
Tuesday – Wednesday: 11:00AM to 06:30PM
Thusrday – Saturday: 11:00AM to 07:00PM
Sunday: 01:00PM to 05:00PM
Visit the Facebook page


10 thoughts

  1. lae

    J’espère que c’est bon ^^
    Courage il y a des “sales” périodes qu’il faut réussir à surmonter….et retrouver le moral n’est pas toujours aisé mais !! car il y a toujours un mais ^^ le positif revient au galop il faut y croire ^^

    1. Malak

      Merci Lae ! <3 Je te l'ai déjà dit, tu es super choutte :) Mais oui, c'était surtout une accumulation de beaucoup de merdes en un tout petit mois, ça va déjà mieux (avec le soleil qui reviens en plus !)

    1. Malak

      On s’y perds avec plaisir oui !
      Et je viens de découvrir ton cityguide, je découvre des adresses que je ne connaissais pas ! :D
      D’ailleurs tes photos aussi sont très belles !

  2. Lucyinthesky

    Salut, alors que je viens de découvrir ton article sur cette boutique si charmante, je me permet de te faire partager une super adresse qui fait echo. Je l’ai découverte lors qu’une balade dans Paris, elle s’apelle “Eple and Melk”, petite boutique aux esprits scandinaves !


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